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Every business was created with the goal of making money. Profit is the gain, reward, or achievement obtained after completing a task. Profit is defined as an excess of resources over expenditure or a surplus balance of income after deducting expenses. It is the difference between net sales and the cost of goods/services sold. In other words, profit occurs when a company's revenue exceeds its expenses.

In order for a business to continue operating profitably in this twenty-first century, the business owner and employees must play an important role. In this section, we will go over the most important procedure or method for increasing profits in your small business. Let's take a look at three areas where business organizations failed to take cognizance, which leads to a decrease in profit.

1. LITTLE PRICE CHANGE: When the price of raw materials fluctuates little while your product's quality, quantity, and selling price remain constant. At this time, most businesses will prefer to wait and see if the price has changed before taking any effective action regarding the change. You are actually losing money during this time period.

2. INCREASE IN WORKER SALARIES: Profits are reduced when more money is used to supplement workers' salaries while the output and selling price remain constant. The company's profit will continue to decline until the workers are able to produce and sell more in order to balance things out.

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3. WORKERS PROTEST: When workers protest for something to be done for them, it is likely that the quantity of produce will be reduced, as will the quality of the service/goods, resulting in lower market sales of the product/service. If the owner or executives do not take prompt and effective action, the company's assets may be destroyed.


1. Employ capable, experienced, and enthusiastic employees.

2. Educate more skilled personnel

3. Provision of sufficient materials

4. Carry out business diversification

5. Make use of modern technological tools.

6. Management of customer relationships

7. Customer appreciation and motivation

8. Employee Motivation

9. Social connection

10. advertising

1. Employ capable, experienced, and enthusiastic employees.

For better decision making, an experienced and passionate employee should be placed in a position of authority. Wrong decisions are the root cause of lost or reduced profits in many business organizations. A passionate and experienced worker must have accumulated some knowledge and skills that will enable him/her to make better decisions that will assist the business in meeting its set goals on time.

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2. Educate more skilled personnel

The second way to boost profits in your small business is to train more skilled employees. The more skilled workers you have, the higher the quality of product/service your company will send to the market, which will lead to product recommendations and increased sales, turnover, and profits. A skilled worker will create a high-quality product that will satisfy customers, keep them, and gain market share from competitors.

3. Provision of sufficient materials

Provision of adequate materials is one of the key areas of business that you must take into account when striving to increase profits for your small business because it aids in the smooth production of the business. A rising and falling business will lose customers and go bankrupt, whereas a business with a consistent and smooth flow of operations will instill trust in the hearts of her customers. They will believe that your product/service is available at all times. Some customers find it difficult to switch from one brand to another. It will also assist you in gaining customers from competitors when their own product/service is unavailable.

4. Diversification of business

Business diversification can be used to increase profits for your small business by adding more types of business, introducing a variety of goods and services to your customers. You can begin with complementary products, such as if you sell clothes, then add shoes, wrist watches, cufflinks, and so on. If you are making detergent for washing clothes, you should also make detergent for washing the toilet and detergent for washing the plate. Jeff BEZOS of Amazon began with 20 different products and has since expanded to thousands of products on his Amazon site. DANGOTE began with cement in Nigeria, but later added flour, sugar, spaghetti, macaroni, salt, and other ingredients.

5. Use of cutting-edge technological equipment

The most profitable companies use advanced technological tools to improve their products and services, resulting in increased sales and profits for their company.

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Adopting newly developed tools will make your products and services unique and stand out among your competitors. Modern tools foster innovation and creativity, presenting the same products in a new and improved form. They will also help to reduce the stress your workers experience during the operation, motivating them to increase output. As a result, if you are a small business owner looking to increase profits for your small business in this country, you should consider investing in modern equipment.

6. Management of customer relationships

This will greatly assist you in understanding your customers' complaints and recommendations. Customers are willing to buy more, become loyal to your business, and tell others about you if their complaints and recommendations are properly addressed. CRM is used to detect exactly what your customers require and to make the necessary provisions for them even before the customers are aware that they require it.

7. Recognition and incentive

When discussing ways to increase profits for your small business, we cannot overlook the importance of appreciation and incentive. Your budget should include incentives, such as buy a dozen and get a free sachet, scratch the pack and win, check the pack for rafie draw, and so on, to encourage your customers to buy more and tell others about your products. Another option is to give a yearly award recommendation or gift to top distributors who meet your sales target; this will encourage them to buy more.

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8. Employee motivation

To have employees who are enthusiastic about your company, you must provide them with incentives. All top employees should be able to encourage and motivate junior employees to behave positively toward the company and its goals. All employees should be persuaded to run the business as if they were the owner, and the executive should use negative motivation when necessary.

9.Social accountability

Most business owners are unaware that doing social responsibility is a way to increase profits for their small business. As a business entity, you can carry out some small projects within your capabilities in your business environment to address one or two community challenges. This will persuade members of the community to become loyal customers and recommend your products to others.

10. advertising

Advertising is the public promotion of goods and services. It is a sales tool that draws attention to specific goods and services.

Advertisement is the final point in this list of ways to increase profit in your small business, because advertising low-quality, unimproved products and services will result in nothing but a waste of resources. Before beginning to advertise a product or service, all of the preceding points must be considered.

There are several ways to increase profit for your small business through advertisement, because advertising a product/service in this century has become more widespread, as opposed to the 1980s, when radio, television, and newspapers were the only ways to advertise a business. Businesses are now advertised through social media, news websites, telecommunication networks, billboards, trade shows, sporting events, and so on.

One thing that must be done is to research your target customers/audience and determine the best venue to showcase your products/services to them. For example, if the majority of your customers are young, then social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram should be considered to advertise your product, whereas if your customers are older, then news media such as newspapers, radio, television, and magazines should be considered. If your product and your customers are children, consider Jim Jam, Dipsay Junior, Nickelodeon cable TV stations, and other events such as children's day parties, birthday parties, and school end-of-the-year parties.

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We've gone over all ten foolproof ways to increase profits for a small business, which I believe will be useful to anyone struggling to make or increase profits for their business.

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