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How to handle business phone call professionally

How to handle business phone call professionally; 

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Phone etiquettes and proper way a secretary/customers care personal or any representative should behave while on a business phone call

Communication is the exchange of words between or among people in a way or manner that produce understandable information. Communication can eitherer be spoken or written. Good and effective communication is not sustainable in a noisy environment and where the sender and the receiver of the message are relatively too far from each other.

An organisation should be aware about the power of effective communication system in projecting the image of their business. They should be aware about the role of communication in the activities of their contacts especially as the world business environment become globalised. Poor information system send bad signal to business experience while carefully organised system bring about Goodwill and interrelationship among organisations

What is a telephone system

A telephone system is an electronic device used for talking to somebody over a distance using a network service. The telephone is one of the most important technological developments ever. It has eliminated great distance and has immensely contributed in making the world we live in today to be a global health. The person who operates the telephone is a telephonist and telephone diplomacy is concerned with the knowledge and skills of operating the telephone

Phone call is most common and easiest means of communication. It affect individuals lives, organisations and business activities. It is a major way by which customers express their view and making recommendation. Taking proper cognizance of telephone ethic will help businesses boost customer retention

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Who is a telephonist

Although it may look easy and simple to make or receive a phone call but high professionalism is needed when it comes to making a business or official conversations. Therefore a telephonist is anyone whose job involve making or answering a phone call for a business or any official purpose. It's someone who connect people or customers to an organisation with the use of telephone system.

The telephonist needs to cultivate good telephone diplomacy. This is because he or she is perhaps the organizations most regular public relation person. Many organisations have lost patronage and good will due to the awkwardness of their telephonist 

6 Importance of business phone call.

1. To connect customer with the business organisation

2. It serve as means of  communication between a business organisation and its customers

3. It's a medium at which information is being passed across the remembers or department of any business organisation 

4. It is used by superior officers to assign duty to their subordinates

5. It is used to receive customers needs and recommendations

6. It is through phone call that most suppliers signal their new price / market trend to the organisation

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How to handle business phone call professionally in this century

Customer care is a key part of any business that must not be underestimated, if the business aiming at growing, making good profits and keep flowing over every competitors in that market. Making or receiving business phone call is one of the major aspect of customers care department in any business organisation. 
A good customer cares personnel must possess the skills or familiarise his or herself with etiquettes or ways to make and receive a business phone call professionally, as polite response to customers phone call and questions bring more sales, expand market shares and increase business profitability

There are 20 proper ways of handling business telephone call professionally, which I called techniques for making or receiving a telephone call. Every representative of a business organisation mostly the secretaries and customers care personnel should take proper cognizance of the following techniques which I believe to be of help in carrying out your official duties.

11 techniques for making business phone call professionally

1. Ensure you have the number you want to call already. if you are in doubt, consult the telephone directory
2. Make sure the phone network is functioning properly with not less than 50% charge battery
3. Conceptualize what you want to say in mind. it is embarrassing to me inarticulate. 
4. Familiarise yourself with the telephone signal and tones 
5. When the call goes through, greet the receiver (good morning) introduce yourself (Edward of real-world enterprises) and say who you wish to speak with (I wish to speak with human resources manager)
6. Speak directly into the mouthpiece
7. Apologize for mistake. For example, if you had connected with the wrong number, say I am sorry, I have the wrong number. 
8. You should maintain the Golden medium. Your voice should be neither too loud nor too low.  
9. Don't talk too fast because you may not be understood and don't be too slow either, because you maybe bore your listener.
10. If you want some information from the other person and it may take time, asked if you will call back later
11. Always update your personal directory

10 Techniques for answer business phone call professionally

1. Be prompt in answering. It is courteous and efficient
2. Introduce yourself or your organisation if you are representing an organisation, it is a Good tradition for secretaries to say something like "good morning sir this is Tony Mart enterprises Florida" 
3. Talk clearly and fondly
4. Be friendly and pleasant without daring playful and unserious 
5. Be prepare with writing materials in case the caller want to leave some message, caller should not be kept waiting 
6. If an incoming call has to be transferred to another extension announce the name and request to the new extension so that he or she does not have to repeat himself or herself 
7. If there is a disconnection replace the receiver so that the caller can re-establish connection 
8. Be attentive and take message consciously 
9. If someone call a person who could be of help more than you e.g Mr Matthew is not around, do I connect you with Mr Johnson I believe can help? 
10. Ask only necessary and politely questions. For instance, if Mr Morris to call back whom should I tell him called?

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How to end a business phone call professionally

At this point high professionalism must be put in place, because the end of a conversation has great influence on every point which you have discussed.

1. The caller should be allowed to signal the end of the conversation unless it is necessary for you to do so and if you must end it, do it courteously. 

2. Do a quick mental review of all the points discussed before accepts or make the end signal of the conversation in other to note if there is point not understand better.

3. When you want to end the call, thank the person at the other end. E.g  Thank you for calling Mr David. 

In conclusion

A good communication system leads to more customers, increase turnover and boost business profits.

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