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Guidelines for effective business communication

Guidelines for effective business communication; 

the secret of making business growth faster

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Communication is a means by which power is obtained, exercise and sustain. It is the medium through which relationships are established, extended and maintain. It open a channel by which people in business, politics and the professions act and interact, exchange information and ideas, developed plans, proposal and politics, make decision and manage men and materials.

Communication affect every sphere of human endeavour it in involved all of your action. It manifests itself is symbolic and verbal form

What's effective business communication

Effective business communication is the lubricant that keeps the machinery of the organisation functioning; it is the lifeblood of any business. To organize is to communicate. There's no business or organisation that can survive without good communication. Effective business communication is passing understandable information from one end to another with appropriate feelback.

Effective business Communication process is continuously in action conveying information, idea, attitude and feelings between executive managers, staff, personnel, supervisor and employees

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The process of effective business communication in business

Action; is the initiative you take to share information, observation or opinions with others

either by writing, speaking, gesturing or drawing

Reactions; is your response to your initiative of starting the communication. Reaction is respond received over the action taken by you

Interaction; is the change of message between you the senders and receivers. The response may be inform of writing speaking or merely carry out an appropriate action. it can involve two or more person provided those who take part in the account share common experiences code or symbols

Effective business communication is very essential for management to successfully perform his function in the organization. It is through communication that workers become aware of their own duties and responsibilities as well as the instruction and oders from the upper level of management hierarchy and also their own suggestion, misunderstanding, confusion, distortion and bottleneck and improves coordination and control 

Importants of effective business communication

1. Effective business communication develop information, ideas and understanding among all workers 

2. Effective business communication  discurage misinformation and rumours 

3. Effective business communication help improve social interaction within the workers 

4. Effective business communication ecourage employee to supply ideas and recommendation for improving upon the products or services

5. Labour-management relations evolve through effective business communication

6. Effective business communication help training workers for a change in method or environment by giving them the necessary information in advance 

7. Effective business communication Foster an attitude which is necessary for corporation and job satisfaction

Types of effective business communication

Verbal communication and non verbal communication

Non verbal communication/ written communication; is the process of changing order message into alphabetic symbols, to convey idea or information between who participate in the communication encounter. written communication is of major importance in the business world because imprecise and faulty written message can lead to business losses such as, loss of time, corporate images, potential customers and profits 

Area of using written communication in business

1. For writing business letters 

2. To write and respond to queries

3 for circulars and memo 

4. To write a reports 

5. To take questionnaires and forms design for collecting information 

6. for telegram and Telexes messages

7. For composition and all forms of creative writing

Advantages of written communication 

1. It serve as evidence for events 

2. It proof record for future reference 

3. It saved time when many person from different location must be contacted at the same time 

4. It appears former and authoritative for action 

5. It is reliable for transmitting and statistical data 

6. It is used to check for accuracy which may not be impossible in verbal communication

Disadvantages of writing communication

1. It consume time for long report

2. It excessive cost of writing materials

3. It's of no use, if the receipt didn't have adequate knowledge of reading and understanding

Verbal / Oral communication; is a form of communication in which your speech organs are used to produce sound. It is used in interpersonal, intrapersonal and group communication situation.

Intrapersonal communication; is the process of information transfer which goes on within you as an individual. You know very well that ideas and thoughts are not transmitted as soon as they are generated in you. Rather each ideas or thoughts that develop is first weighted here and there then you decide how best to put it, before you are allow it to escape from within you. This process is necessary to ensure effective and suitable construction of messages. Some of business establishments today is as a result of intrapersonal communication

Interpersonal communication; is also known as face-to-face communication. It is the exchange of ideas and information between two people, like you and your friends, you and your boss in the office or you and your customers. Either through face-to-face, telephone, video call etc. Interpersonal communication dominate our activities at home, in the office, in the community and almost everywhere. Interpersonal communication help to break the barrier of formal relationship, create harmony essential for increased productivity.

Group communication; a group is formed when three or more persons come together accidentally or by design to work towards a specific goal. It involved the exchange of ideas and information among members. Group exist in several area of our lives; at home, in school, in the office, in the club, seminal etc. Member within a given group share ideas and information with one another, and this enable them to accomplish the tasks they set themselves. 

The group decide collectively who should lead, how to raise money, what tasks to undertake and how to carry out the tasks undertaken.

Seven principles and guidelines for effective business communication

These guidelines are designed to help entrepreneur, business owners, secretaries, managers etc to improve their communication skills so as not only to avoid any barrier to effective business communication but also to strengthen the basis for ultimate results which depend upon the clear understanding of desire communication

1. The idea contain in an effective business communication must be well planned and clearly identified

2. The message should not only be timely so that the decision and actions can be taken in timing and when necessary but also the time of the message and the environmental setting in which the message is deliver and receive is equally important

3. The communication must pass through the proper channels to reach the intended receiver

4. The people who are concern in an effective business communication must know exactly what they need and when they need the communication

5. Effective business communication must take the receiver's interests into account and then the receiver will be more responsive to the communication

6. Effective business communication must avoid negative statements like "I am not sure, it will work" but be confidents and definitive.

7. Communication should be complete so as not only to meet the demand of today but also for future reference of the organisation as well as individual

Quality of an effective business communicator

An effective business communicator should able to maintain a moderate and balance flow of understandable information, has too much and inadequate flow negatively affects communication.

An effective business communicator should keep under control to the bearest minimum, interferences likenoise, ridiculous gesticulations, inaudible presentation and others which hamper communication effectiveness 

An effective business Communication must be conscious of time, as it is only when message is sent at the right time that the desire result can be obtained.

An effective business Communication must select the pass through right channel, as inappropriate channel selection brings about obstacles in message delivery and comprehension

Barrier to effective business communication

Noise; is any external factor which interference with the effective business communication

Inadequate information; the information must be meaningful to the employees

Poor timing; the management must know when to communicate a message that require action, if not effective business communication wouldn't be achieved

Inappropriate channel; poor choice of channel of communication is big barrier to effective business communication

Information overloading; it happens when individual receive more information than their capability of processing will disturb effective business communication

Network breakdown; either intentional or due to be acted upon can harper effective business communication

In business and industry communication help to Orient workers about the goal of the organisation and it is this means by which such goal can be pursued, attained, sustained and improved.

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